2021 energetically - organising rituals

organising rituals we need for cleansing our space

This last year had been about helping our fellow 
humans, you don't have to agree with them or
they with you, instead - how can I help you Offer all the love and support you can... Doesn't matter what someone has done to you
or perceived as done to you,  it's how we move forward
with that What's going to fill me? Rituals fill you, doing the rituals Sage,  Palo Santo in your home.  First deep cleanse
of each month, open up all windows, doors, cupboards,
drawers. To release any old stagnant energy.
Energy sits in drawers, cupboards etc.
​Remember to thank Mother Earth, the Guardians and 
Custodians of the Land, and the Elders, along with the
information that has been passed down, to cleanse the

Sage am - grounding, connecting to all there is
Always honouring the people of the land
We thank mother earth, we thank the native Americans 

Palo pm- lighter energy, sacred energy
We thank mother earth.  We thank the native Brazilians 
We honour all first nations people