Jeannie Bourke

Committed to serving her clients in their best and highest interests, Jeannie is rigorously committed to the research and use of the finest organic ingredients of the highest integrity and Venustus is known for its extraordinarily well-trained and exceptionally skilled staff. These exquisite products and amazing staff combine to form an indelible impression of the remarkable woman whose vision, passion and purpose have created an institute that has withstood the test of time.


After more than two decades in the business, Jeannie still remains firmly centred, grounded and connected to her clients – talking to them on the phone, helping them choose the best package for their wife on her birthday, even if it is today; spending time with her clients to help them select the perfect crystal and/or water perfume needed to help them fulfill their needs and listening with focused presence to determine the perfect treatment for glowing skin, vanishing pimples or alleviating pain.

"I really love my craft," says Jeannie, "and when looking for staff I have an ability to see potential within; I have a gift of making good staff great – greater than they ever imagined they would be.

When designing products and services, I love to create something just for you– by listening to you and you concerns and feelings and then intuitively sensing what is needed. I will design a treatment for you on the day, and get the right person to perform this in a loving way.

I love organic ingredients. There is a belief you can feel energy when there are no pesticides, poisons or chemicals corrupting or compromising the integrity of the elements.

It feels really great to be able to do this all the way through from research and knowledge to sourcing, manufacturing, production, distribution and ultimately as the highest offering I can extend to my clients."