2020+ meditating, manifesting, morning, by Jeannie

My morning meditation, by Jeannie

Before I open my eyes, I say these words in my mind, while at the same time holding my Lemurian crystal, (which lives under my pillow) feeling deep into the energy of gratitude, for what I have now.

I am so grateful I can see

I am grateful I can hear

I am grateful for this incredible body

I am grateful I am free

I am grateful for Gary laying next to me

I am grateful for our son Zac in the other room

I am grateful for the ocean, air & space we have

I am grateful I am loved

I am grateful for my team

I am grateful I get to choose

I am grateful for being born here, in this incredible country, then...

I started something new before the gratitude meditation, it is checking in on my body, feeling & asking myself, is any pain or tension anywhere? yes, now staying in that pain, then, asking myself the question, why do I have pain here... waiting for the answer and then, saying yes that's it, what action can I take today for this?  then take that action later today.... it could be *get that job done, *say sorry to someone   *talk to someone about your concerns, etc.  If you don't have an answer, sometimes I don't then just say to yourself "I can handle this, whatever it is"

 *Up & out of bed at about 4am, (no you don't have to get up that early it's just me) into the bathroom, where some of my crystals are hanging like necklaces   (clear quartz to amplify the energy, the work)

I’m using jasmine exfoliant, which is a solid thick balm with superfine granules,  in the morning now (for medically dry skin) it's how I feel & It feels that dry when I wake up, remove with a warm face washer, I then apply my latest serums, or new serums coming, because serums penetrate deeper, the best investment, 2020 supreme love + facial serum 

At the same time I am doing this skincare,  I am reading my questions up in the bathroom...  because we can do two things at the same time :)

How can I be the best mum?

How can I be the best partner to Gary?

How can I be the best boss?

How can I be the best me?

 My answers are 

*be kind to Zac, be present

*supreme love for Gary

*ethics, honour, kindness & courage for the girls, whatever they need

*one hour for me a day, outside on the dirt grounding, under the sky, on my hammock in the backyard, connecting with nature, one ocean swim,  two x 20mins meditation (one now & one later)

Meditation twice a day, 20mins first thing in the morning, now, then later whenever I get overwhelmed.  Jacqui Lewis from The Broad Place, taught me this Intergrated Meditation (game changer)

 Then 2 mins manifesting, my dream, the new Venustus space, this is totally fun.  You imagine what you are wanting to manifest, It needs to be high five energy...

Most important here is to come from the heart, how you can serve or help.

I  can see it, I can feel it  It is everything I always imagined it would be, the light coming in from the front, imagine all the details you love about your dream.  Now the important part, believe it is already here, then walk around the rest of the day like you already have it.

Breakfast while listening to "A letter to the woman of the world.  https://soundcloud.com/liveawakepodcast/podcast-a-letter-to-the-women-of-this-world   if you use this, regularly, great to donate to her.

Quotes & Beliefs up around my home & work

Show up throughout your day, as woman, mother or lover

Stay present in the flow of change 

 Keep your peripheral vision

Venustus team share our healing knowledge from our Shaman, Healers and  here are some...

Anandi @loveanandi, one of our healers, comes into my space at different important times, beginning of the new decade, moons etc., or when we feel we want some more energy in the space, she helped me set up and grid my space at work & then i did mine at home

You will need a compass to grid your space (app on your phone)  find your north, south, east, west and then each day walk your grid, meaning move around the space, kneel like a prayer and consider the meaning of each location,

North, earth, place something from the earth here,  consider our country, hold something from the earth & thank mother earth for all she gives us:- food water etc 

South, fire, place a candle, light it

East, air, so i have a feather and incense (check out my healing kit & instagram video of this - all my favourite healing tools i use

West, water and the representation of water, visualise water the incredibly fast water and slow soft water

Our Shaman, spoke to us, the team a week ago, about the "pause" & "let's just see" meaning wait and see.  Stay present in the flow of change.

Journal, no this is not an everyday journal or diary, it is a one hour job, where you write do who you are, your ethics, values, moral code, you need an hour, so take your time, because then you need to run your entire life by this....

It means when opportunities come & they will, check your journal and it is either a solid yes, or it's a hell no

Next in the journal, a list, a very long list of what makes your heart sing, meaning what you truly love to do, for me it is kissing and hugging my Gary & Zac, I love watching/listening to Zac, when he doesn't know I am, I feel so proud of him, pat the puppies, swim in the ocean, lay on the hammock, walking on the sand, travel, holidays, camping in boomerang beach Booti Booti National Park, swimming and watching the boys diving in the Maldives (great location), swimming, hanging out, we don't even go to breakfast, we just hang out together, dive, swim, eat, talk

Before you re-connect with your loved ones, it is important you connect to you, yourself, before you greet anyone who is important to keep in your life....  I listen to live awake - it can get me there in a few mins (donate to her incredible gift)

 I use all my own products, of course, organic ingredients, that work visually on the skin, but also on the body, mind and spirit.  When you inhale mists, a memory can stay with you, like when you walk past  jasmine & how that smell can take you to a memory.  You can create this for yourself, I spray the same mist every day, when I run my meditations, mantra, & a different mist when I run my manifesting - so whenever I smell that I am taken there to that memory.  Its' so great, fun & exciting.

Coming soon a mini healing kit & a grid your space kit