A visit from celeb hairstylist and OUAI creator Jen Atkin.

Here at Venustus we don’t just determine the condition of your skin or muscles, but your overall energy.

Lovely Jen had High Definition Bodywork Massage,Reiki Healing, Remedial Bodywork and her animal spirit cards read.


“You guys have to come and see Jeannie at Venustus I just had the best afternoon, it was so incredible, thank you!” 


We also shared with her a morning meditation that you can try too.

Before you open your eyes while you are in bed in the morning hold a crystal that means something to you, (in Jen’s case is was Rose Quartz) and say in your mind...

I am so grateful I can see

I am so grateful I can hear

I am so grateful I have a great body that gets me around

I am so grateful I am free & can do whatever I want

I am so grateful for my partner

I am grateful for...


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