2020 absorb & breathe treatment package

Perfected & launched our new treatment , 2020 absorb & breathe

2020 absorb & breathe, is a treatment package considering all the systems of the body impacted, incorporating both facial and massage with our Venustus Private label

With my Venustus elite artisans, doing their usual great work, we are considering all the systems of the body, using techniques & ingredients for the  respiratory system, lymphatic system, nervous system, immune system & integumentary system.

respiratory, life depends on the ability to utilise oxygen & to eliminate carbon dioxide.  The exchange of oxygen & carbon dioxide between the atmosphere & the cells in the body.   Consisting of the upper & lower respiratory tracts  “What’s coming in & what’s going out”   Contaminated air, dust, smoke pollutants.  Treatment, diet & lifestyle are of paramount importance  Extensive research and clinical trials have proven that essential oils are very effective for treating respiratory problems.  Inhalation + chest & back massage, diffusers, oil burners are the best methods of this.   The active ingredients are already in our cold & flu blend, organic tea tree, lemon & eucalyptus blend,  salve & atmospheric rooms mist

integumentary system is made up of the skin and the subcutaneous layer that contains structures extending from the skin. The skin is an incredible way to allow product to penetrate to treat all these systems of the body.   The functions are +protection of deeper tissues against drying and invasions of pathogenic organisms & their toxins through a mechanical barrier.  +regulation of body temperature by dissipation of heat to the surrounding air  +receipt of information about the environment by means of nerve endings that are profusely distributed throughout the skin   applying to the face 2020 supreme love +facial serum as they can penetrate deeper than any moisturiser & therefore more effective long term + stress level 2 body serum 

lymphatic, the role of the lymphatic system is of paramount importance.  The tissues of the body and organs excrete waste products as a result of their daily work.  The waste products must be quickly removed or the tissues will suffer damage.  The cleansing process of the body is performed by a mechanism called lymphatic circulation.  Because the lymph system does not have a pump like the heart, it relies on muscular compression and body movement to move the lymphatic fluid around the body.  Lymphatic problems can be helped by using lymphatic drainage massage techniques, using aromatherapy blends to stimulate the lymphatic system.    The lymphatic system can become sluggish and inefficient, particularly if we get little exercise and have a poor diet, which can make it difficult to eliminate waste products. The lymphatic system serves 3 major functions in the body:-  1. transports interstitial fluid which was initially formed as a blood filtrate back into the bloodstream.  2. serves as the route by which absorbed fat from the small intestine is transported to the blood & 3. cells called lymphocytes produced int he bone marrow, lymph organs and other lymphatic tissue, help to provide immunological defences against disease causing agents.  The active ingredients of organic clary sage, carrot seed, cypress, fennel sweet, ginger, juniper berry, grapefruit, geranium, lemon, lime, orange sweet, tangerine are already in Venustus authentic body serum

Immune system, 24/7 the body is at war, millions of microorganisms are continually attempting to invade and occupy our organs and tissues.  Without a highly sophisticated immune system, we would not survive.  The job of protecting us from these harmful agents belongs in part to certain blood cells and the lymphatic system, which together make up our immune system.  The immune system is part of our general body defences against disease.  Some of these defences are non-specific, meaning they are effective against any harmful agent that enters the body.  Other defences are referred to as specific, meaning they act only against a certain agent and no other type.   For this treatment, this system, we will use antimicrobial ingredients in cold & flu atmospheric room mist, essential oil, salve &  immuno-stimulant ingredient frankincense in our  peace offering facial serum.  Because so many essential oils have a wide range of properties, antibacterial, antiseptic, antiviral that are beneficial to the immune system

nervous system is the body's control centre and communication network.  It serves three broad functions *senses change inside the body and in the outside environment *interprets the changes *responds by initiating action in the form of muscular contractions or glandular secretions   Helpful products Om facial mist, serum & moisturiser & Belief body serum & Belief essential oil blend & Soothing balm for itchy skin & irritated systems