Eyebrow shaping & tinting, (waxing, threading, tweezing)

Each of my staff have performed over 10,000 eyebrow shapes each, they are good!    You can choose waxing, tweezing or threading (if you are unsure we can recommend which would be best for you).  Eyebrow shaping includes, facial measurements, where the eyebrow should begin, end, the highest point be exactly, create a great eyebrow.

Eyebrow tinting is beneficial for nearly everyone, as it can give the illusion of thicker, fuller brows (yet still looking natural, yet highly groomed - without looking like tattoos).  Eyelash tinting is really beneficial this time of year, due to the endless swimming, surfing &  water sports during summer.   

How long do they last?

eyebrow tinting is approximately 2-3 weeks

eyelash tinting is approximately 4 weeks (if you do these earlier, before completely fading,  it will last longer, a build up of colour)

eyebrow hairs colour quickly and therefore, release the colour more quickly, the hair is more coarse compared to eyelashes.  Eyelash tints take longer to colour and last longer.

If you have a few white hairs, let us know, this will take longer, we need to colour white hairs separately first, then colour the entire eyebrow 

IMPORTANT after care, do not apply sunbloc or makeup after waxing for 24-48hrs, however if necessary or an emergency, then you must apply cooling globe/jade roller/ice first, then organic tea tree product from Venustus before makeup/sunbloc.  After all our eyebrow waxing, we apply cool globes/jade rollers then Venustus organic tea tree 

What can go wrong....

less than 1% of clients will react to waxing, this will look like a breakout or hive type of reaction, this is due to the oil flow reacting when you remove the entire hair 

contact lenses need to be removed prior to eyelash tinting, best to bring your own solution & containers for this