facial serums - your questions answered

Serums belong in a very modern skincare routine, do not leave these out, no matter what skin type, they are the most active potent product within the range.  Ingredients brought into the skin in a very concentrated way.   We start first with water based, followed by oil based serum, immediately on top. 

Rose Oil reminds me of Paris, where there are incredible established fragrance houses, and so began my love of aromatherapy.  This is where I learnt the difference between man-made ingredients & ingredients sourced from nature (ethically) 

So when I am writing about facial serums, I am talking about the oily organic kind, with base ingredients such as peach kernel, rose hip, apricot, jojoba & hazelnut oil. 

Paris was also one of the first places I learnt about artisans, how valued & respected it was to spend your entire life, crafting your skills

35+ skin, living in Australia, with no breakouts & no sensitivity.  end of day @ home as soon as you arrive home, remove make-up & sunblock - a solid balm exfoliant, with super fine pumice granules, smaller that the size of your follicle (pore), softened in a base of shea butter, bees wax, carrier oils & essential oils, (this is solid & warmed in hands) massage with your fingertips for 2 minutes, then removing with warm towels (can take 5 years off simply, by this first step).  The next step is key, misting the skin with rosewater, to surface water hydrate the epidermal layer of the skin, this allows the richer serums to penetrate deeper.    Application is all about the massage, working it into the skin with love, care & fingertips  (lymphatic & lifting movements). +  a separate eye serum is required, applied with your ring fingers, starting between eyes & out to temples  & then lightly, piano movements under the eyes to stimulate circulation in this delicate area.  Dark circles & puffy eyes will benefit by using a  jade roller straight from the fridge.  Using the smaller end of a dual head jade roller from the centre of the face out under the eye to the temple (no pressure, just glide)  then above the eyelid, just below eyebrows, centre to the sides, (video in insta highlights)  time for a shower/bath & dinner  *Just before bed,  mix moisturiser & balm together & apply to the face, neck & dec with a patting technique pressing this into the skin  *Don't be afraid to switch your serums, seasonally, both eye & facial serums, to give your skin a boost, often in winter & summer, but whenever you feel your skin needs a change

25+ skins with breakouts in Australia  at home, end of day  as soon as you walk in the door at home,  remove make-up & sunblock use the bioactive honey exfoliant designed to be gentle enough to use every night (super gentle here please) removing with cool towels, to not over-stimulate the skin.  Next, apply Black pelan mud mask  2 x week for 10mins to treat & prevent breakouts, remove again with cool towels.  It is key to using anti-bacterial ingredients to water hydrate the skin, Venustus spot formula (tea tree water) immediately over this the straight edge facial serum.  Yes even with skin that breakouts, serums are essential and not to be excluded from your skincare (Remember these are super active ingredients and more concentrated for your skin type).    Also one drop of eye serum for the eyes and only using the ring finger to tap under the eye and just below the eyebrow (gravity will do the rest).    The application of serum is key - no massage for skins that break-out, but instead you need to press your serum into the skin, using fingers, not palms, without stimulating circulation, without making the skin warm.  Just before bed apply straight edge facial moisturiser  *if ageing is a visual concern (every 2nd night use immortelle facial serum to prevent ageing for an acne skin)

Sensitive skins living in Australia   It is important not to overstimulate your skin, and skins with eczema, psoriasis or dermatitis,   at home end of day, sas soon as you walk in the door start by using a healing bioactive manuka honey exfoliant and cool towels to remove, then apply lavender water to sooth and calm the skin and water hydrate surface cells   Apply your eye serum using only your ring finger & your facial sensitive serum containing german chamomile & lavender for their anti-inflammatory properties. Using jade rollers straight from the fridge used in lymphatic movements to help with puffy eyes, fluid retention and calming the skin.  Time for dinner, shower/bath & wind down.  Just before going to bed apply sensitive balm for itchy scratchy skins to super hydrate and in the day the sensitive moisturiser over your mist & serum. 

Combination-normal skins 25+ & 35+ required a combination of products because you are treating two different skin types, for the one person (often but not always slightly open follicles on the t-zone and normal to dry dehydrated sides, neck and forehead).  You will need to control the oil open pore section, keeping it cool & calm + stimulate the sides of the face, forehead and neck to keep hydrated and youthful.   Ideally treat the oily (break-out section first with salons strength exfoliant, remove with cool towels, then apply black pelan mud to completely clear up this area, while the mask is drying you can apply your eye serum and use the cool jade roller on the eye area straight from the fridge, r  Next, remove your mask, apply facial water & facial serum for your combination skin if 25+ authentic skin care range  & 35+ om skincare range 

Sensitive skins + eczema, dermatitis & psoriasis  It is important that every ingredient & product in your routine has an anti-inflammatory or a healing component so you are not stimulating and irritating every step of the ritual.  Bioactive organic manuka honey exfoliant & mask are designed just for you & our active ingredients:- organic german chamomile & organic lavender are the main ingredients in  the Sensitive facial serum, balm, moisturiser   The Serum is a must in every modern skin care routine, (do not leave this out) + the balm is a life saver for irritated, itchy scratchy skins.