Fleur, Venustus elite team of artisans


Venustus elite team of artisans.

"Fleur started her apprenticeship with Venustus 7th June, 1999. It is such an incredible honour training an apprentice, a very serious situation, someones' life dreams are in your hands, literally.  It can be a lot, to be constantly critiquing an apprentice, but when someone really wants to be great, really wants to be Our kind of great, we go all out, everyone's in.  In chasing the level of the artisan, the person who wants to keep reaching, striving and attaining greatness, but staying humble.  That's it.  That's our elite artisan team and Fleur became part of that, part of our Venustus elite artisan team, Congratulations Fleur"  Jeannie, Founder, Venustus.

I am in appreciation of Fleur, the incredible work ethic, dedication & drive it takes to keep the level of Venustus.

Back in 2003, I recommended Fleur for Apprentice of the Year.  This is not something you take lightly.  First time, I'd done this.  Lots of work, lots of prepping, we had already done the extensive training.  Which as she now knows, is not for everyone...  When Fleur started with Venustus, I explained to her, "I have to make you, better than you dreamed you'd be, better than me and that's a lot, it's not ego for me, it is incredible hard work.  She Won, Apprentice of the Year!

We share so much together, your career, your engagement, your wedding, your son being born, incredible journey together.

What we have been doing for the past two decades, Facials for all skin concerns/conditions, waxing, Systems of the Body, Aromatherapy, Remedial, Lithos (hot & cold rock), Shiatsu, Reflexology, Lymphatic, Trigger Point, Hawaiian, Indian Head Massage,  Threading, Crystal healing, Reiki, healing Shamanic healings and more Lymphatic

"Fleur has let me, pull the reigns in, them]n absolutely chase her out the gate.  It takes incredible trust on both sides.  Both grow.  Both win.  Both own our own mistakes and say so, say sorry.  I am so proud of you Fleur"

It is so easy to just give up in life when it gets hard, but if you stay, if you push through, it is truly worth it, you look back with fond memories, laugh of the mistakes and understand this is growth...

I asked Fleur to be lead therapist on new a break through treatment. VENUSTUS HIGH DEFINITION BODYWORK LYMPHATIC, it was incredibly challenging, studying courses, researching data, choreography with me, but 12 months later we launched with incredible results.

Our next journey, a new sacred place of healing.  We are imparting the space with healing elements from the ground up so that the energy flow will be unmistakeable.