Happy Mothers Day to you all, love Jeannie & Venustus team

We will miss looking after you this Mothers Day, as we usually pamper you all weekend long and it is such an honour, truly.

If you live anywhere between Cronulla and Bondi, we can personally deliver your gifts to you in our beautiful new packaging.  If you live outside of here, best to order now, with how the post is working.  (they are no longer guaranteeing the express overnight or the 2-4 days, so I would get this done by Tuesday to be safe 

We have put together some of our favourites in the new & whats needed collection


I have really enjoyed doing your consults this week, so much information to pass over to you, I just love it.   It works particularly well, when you send me your full name (so I can get your client history) & photo, so I can see what's really going on.  

Thank you to those clients who called back from last week, saying they received their products, some came early, some came late - the joys of shipping with all that's going on... and just love the results you are getting in a week