Hear what Max May (@maxmade) has to say about his experience at Venustus

An insight into our customised treatments with one of our favourite clients, Hair and Makeup artist, Max May.  

Max May on Venustus

"I had the most amazing treatment last week at one of my favourite day spas, Venustus. What I love about them and what separates the from the rest is the holistic approach they take to all of their treatments."

Before a consult we break down what was going on in your life and what you're looking for, what you're missing, how well you're sleeping, what your work/life balance is.

With all of this info we then customise the treatment specifically for you and your needs.

Before Max’s High Definition Bodywork treatement Jeannie did some smudging with sage & palo santo under his feet and all around his body, she then got him to rest his feet on the huge selenite crystal.  

"I feel super energised and 'in' my body which is why I love seeing the girls at Venustus."

MaxMade's Venustus experience. from jeannie bourke on Vimeo.