I'm here for you

I believe I'm here (this journey on earth) to live an ethical life and to help as many people as I can, in my own way by sharing everything I know and everything I have found on my journey.  From now onwards, I will be regularly updating our blog on the Venustus website with things that I feel will be helpful during this time. Please know that if you need me for an over-the-phone energy consult or a skin consult I'm here for you, just text me on 0400 825 237 or email jeannie@venustus.com.au to organise a time (free of charge)


I will also be spending time working with my darling partner Gary on the production of all of our Australian-made, cruelty-free Venustus products. 
So many of you have asked me how can you help us 🌸⭐️🦋🧞‍♂️😊 We don't expect anything but any online order of your usual skincare, body care & crystals placed help us greatly. 

My focus - be grateful for everything you have, for everyone in your life. Focus on what you bring to this world, right now, right here. BE present. I am living by this and I like to share, to give away everything, I have learnt and gathered along the journey.   

I'm reading "Light is the New Black", by Rebecca Campbell

Note to self - Stay present in the flow of change.

Question to others - How can I help you?