VENUSTUS - skincare that works as hard as you do

VENUSTUS skincare

made by humans

products that work

as hard as you do 

why essential oils as the active ingredients

centuries of data
we have had our own - decades of incredible results
considering the earth
considering your wellbeing
beauty + wellbeing = honouring you &
the earth

they work,
you can consult diagnosing the physical skin & achieve + results

you can consult energetically & achieve + results
so brilliant for us, with our clients coming for decades

why we only use organic grown ingredients 
organic do not harm the people growing them & using them
organic do not harm the earth - they help it,  
organic  do not harm the animals,
organic  do not harm the insects, and worms in the ground
no toxins
no fragrance
globally sourced organic ingredients 
Harnessing the power of nature, ingredients grown organically,
from healing tree oils, to soothing flowers and grounding tree roots
all sourced whilst at the same time helping the earth
by taking care of it,
by growing this way, without toxins
helps our earth, animals & people
no man made ingredients,
made in earth with the gentle mindful help of humans...

Working holistically to nurture and enhance your overall wellbeing 
each product, made by humans, works as hard as you do.  
ingredients chosen to be able to penetrate deep within the skin
to nourish, to rejuvenate and also to emotionally heal

we are passionate about
studying skin,
studying the body systems
studying the organic ingredients
this mix is all working together harmoniously

organic ingredients work in sequence with the human body
to promote change and return equilibrium.
each ingredient, each product is created
to completely align,
to emotional balance,
offering holistic fine tuning,
for instant results with long term benefits 
 life today, 
stress can be a catalyst to many discomforts to our physical being,
we need more time to rest & recover
organic aromatherapy can help relieve many common physical concerns
as well as help us maintain emotional stability.
here are some suggested ways of introducing essential oils
to our everyday life.
Organic aromatherapy is derived from the ancient practice of utilising natural plant extracts to promote good health and emotional well being.
The plant extracts are obtained from a wide range of plant material through different methods of extractions. 
Massage is considered one of the most important methods of applying the essential oils, by way of blended organic body serums
Venustus organic body serums, made by humans
authentic body blend - lymphatic stimulant
belief body blend - calming  + stillness
blessed pre-natal body blend  (after the first trimester)
cold & flu essential oil  - immuno stimulant, prevent colds & flu
extreme sports muscle spray - pain relief
ready-set-go body serum - you are so tired but need to keep going
stress level 2, when it is just too challenging & you want equilibrium
What better way to relax after a long day at work, 
why not indulge in a hot bath
. Let the benefits of the body serum containing essential oils
absorb into your skin
while the aroma works to uplift your spirit.
alternatively if it is a shower,
add a few drops of essential oil on floor of shower
also great to hang in your shower rosemary/eucalyptus branches
Oil diffusers are an easy and effective way to disperse essential oils.
There are many different oil diffusing devices available 
Also used during your facial & sometimes during massage 
we add essential oils to our vaporising machine
This is a great way to relieve a blocked nose. Add 5 drops of our Venustus cold & flu essential oil blend (organic) into a bowl of hot water.
always extra care when working with flames, fire &/or hot water
Inhale the vapour for 5-10 minutes preferably with a towel covering your head, and breathe deeply (close your eyes)
Venustus private skincare label are all organic products
are designed, to work as hard as you do
cleansers, exfoliants, atmospheric mists, facial serums, eye serums, moisturisers, balms, masks.
we are constantly changing, upgrading our blends 
whenever we find a better ingredient
important to change/upgrade your skincare when we have 
found a new organic ingredient grown