jade rollers

it all started with our Crystal Cryotherapy Facial, which included the jade roller used straight from our fridge.  This facial is all about getting visual results immediately for 40+ & ++  we are having success with this - the feedback & visual results 

Only use with light pressure, not firm  Colour and shape may vary

jade roller, known for its cooling properties - the dual use of the jade stone roller can help with:-

improve blood circulation & skin tone,

improve elasticity of the skin,

promotes lymphatic drainage,

reduce puffiness & wrinkles,

eliminates toxins, 

enhances the benefits of serums,

jet-setters post flight performance (puffiness)

the jade stone roller can be used morning &/or night depending when you have time & what your concerns are - the most important information is that you MUST always use a facial serum & eye serum underneath a jade roller coming straight from your fridge

Direction (a video on instagram)  is key to achieve the benefits listed 

jeannie xx