Lumière + Nuit (two beautiful perfumes)

Venustus Private Label, Organic Aromatherapy Perfumes (two beautiful perfumes) lumière & nuit are designed to be worn on their own and paired. These unique perfume blends are especially created to assist with balancing our energy, so we can show up as the very best version of ourselves.

Many of us focus on having incredible careers and in doing so, subconsciously lean into energy associated with strength, reasoning, action, leadership, confidence, pride, firmness and power - all things that serve us best in a working environment.

In our own time, showing up as lover/woman/mother/friend is achieved through elevating the opposite energy to nurture, be intuitive, compassionate, empathetic, creative, soft and affectionate, showing up as women/mother/lover.

Upon listening to the collective voice of Venustus clients, it became clear that our wants and needs are often affected by an imbalance of these binary energies.
Contrasts appear everywhere in nature and hold equal space for good reason. Just as there’s no sunrise without a sunset, there's no exhalation without an inhalation.
Energetically, we’re a mix of both of masculine and feminine.

In order to be our best selves, both of these amazing vibrational frequencies need to be honoured. It’s a balancing act, but understanding when each is required is the key to harmonious living. You heard it here first!

Inspired by French women, who seem so effortlessly comfortable in their own skin and our French past, we created Lumière & Nuit, so we can all feel like this. Two beautiful perfume blends designed to layer and assist with the balancing energy at required times.

Lumière ~ french for light, daylight, insight.

Accentuates strong energy. It instils youth, confidence, and drive. This blend is conducive to productivity, inner strength and wisdom. Apply at first light and wear alone throughout the day to conquer the day!


Nuit ~  french for night, darkness.

Elevates feminine energy. It is sensual, mysterious and carries great emotional depth. This blend provokes tranquility, self awareness and love. Apply in the early evening. Layer over Lumière after 8-10 hours wear to soften into Mother/Lover/Woman.

Lumière & Nuit will garner attention from passers-by but ultimately these scents are designed purely for you, as the wearer, to inhale and admire.  We recommend to all of those on a spiritual path. Wear on pulse points, décolletage and under the nose for personal enjoyment.  Honour your energies and live your best life.