om facial water & om facial serum

designing this precious skincare is a passionate honour, to visually improve the skin + esoterically, intuitively & organically create a "spirit leveller" for those wearing om...   Venustus private skincare label works well when om facial water is applied to a clean dry skin, then om facial serum is layered immediately over

how to hydrate the surface cells & deeper with organic ingredients in water/serum *imagine a sultana when you immerse it in water - plumping, then *imagine coating it in oil - holding both water & oil - aroma hydration perfection

om facial water & om facial serum were created to be used in the Om massage our latest massage, unique to Venustus combining many massage mediums, lifting your vibrational frequency with energetic mediums such as palo santo, singing bowls, tibetan symbols, om chanting & om facial water & om facial serum energetically bringing you closer to your perfect self - this treatment is lovingly performed by our expert elite team who create a profound experience with insightful energy work

*expert travel products - inflight, onboard & arrival travel

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