lumiere & nuit organic perfume (layering set)

designing is all about feeling the collective energy of my clients & creating a precious organic aromatherapy perfumes to enhance their soul, spirit & being...

lumiere & nuit are designed to layer - lumiere at first light - early morning & then later in the day early evening layer nuit over lumiere... 

 *perfect for all those drawn to Venustus, the famous, the influencers, the stylists, the producers, the editors, the ceo's, the musicians, the actresses, the intellectuals, the artists, the athletes and the creatives 

lumiere for ageless confidence with inner strength, spiritual ease - a wisdom, yet forever young in mind, spirit and energy

nuit is mysterious with a sensual femme, an inner tranquility and an understanding of the universe & a confidence that can be unnerving (in a good way) 

I was inspired for this particular design by the french women who visit Venustus - it was just that week, they shared their sparkle in a way they can in australia, our beautiful spacious country 

jeannie xxx