the Lymphatic system

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Treatments grounded in lymphatic drainage, stimulating the lymphatic system 

From jade rollers to Gua Sha (when used with lymphatic drainage movements, are very effective)   These tools originate from 6th Century China, but move it into a 2020 and we have a Gua Sha used as part of our SCULPT & DEFINE LYMPHATIC FACIAL.  We also use these tools straight from the fridge after waxing & threading, fluid retention (puffy eyes) 
From Manual Lymphatic Drainage designed in 1942,
a thorough knowledge of the lymphatic system & muscles is essential to be able to move to the new to new Vigorous lymphatic drainage techniques & tools required HIGH DEFINITION BODYWORK LYMPHATIC TREATMENT
Understanding all these ancient techniques and integrating them into treatments today requires, precision, training and re-designing, more training, gathering resources from international artisans and individuals living on the edge of the industry, the ground breakers.
Training notes from the team
lymphatic system is basically your immune system (when working well can fight off daily unwanted toxins)
lymphatic system is detoxifying any threats to the system - mutated cells  + environmental pollutants & toxins + bacterial, viral threats 
lymphatic system controls the volume of fluid circulating in the body - preventing puffiness (fluid retention) 
the lymphatic system absorbs fluid so tissue does not swell (fluid retention, bloating)
Congested lymphatic system can lead to serious illness, basically your body’s sewer, is responsible or removing metabolic waste
the lymphatic system is unable to flow its best on its own - relies on you to move, lack of movement (planes/drives/sitting at your desk for 10hrs/hospital stays), insufficient water intake, stress, ageing, pollution, can each/all block lymphatic flow.  blockages over time encourage accumulation of extra fat cells,
this prevents nutrients & blood from rejuvenating cells = cellulite, sagging skin, swelling & deposits, 
which can be resistant to diet & exercise 
lymphatic system function, to carry, distribute & store fat soluble vitamins & minerals to cells, tissues in the body 
lymph nodes are constantly filtering things through, sending out white blood cells to neutralise any threats,which is why your lymph node swells up when you are sick
Getting your lymphatic system functioning properly is key to possibly reversing diseases
Lymphatic drainage helps speed up recovery in cases of injury, surgery, illness, water retention & more.
Highly function immune system
  • dry brushing daily
  • organic body blend (lymphatic) Authentic Body Serum
  • exercise regularly
  • stress reduction
  • perspire daily
  • anti-inflammatory diet
  • hydrate, hydrate, hydrate
  • non-toxic fabric
  • lymphatic massage
  • pre & post flight lymphatic massage (whenever that happens again)
  • cold rollers in lymphatic direction
lymphatic system produces lymphocytes to destroy dangerous invaders (affecting immunity, wellbeing)
when viruses or bacteria enter our body, the lymphocytes become activated, activated lymphocytes produce antibodies to kill microorganisms
the lymphatic system acts as a body’s drainage system, it collects excess fluid that is surrounding the body’s tissues and organs and returns it to the bloodstream
the lymph node is constantly filtering & when the body is exposed, sends out white blood cells to neutralise the thread & then flushes it through the system
lymphatic flow can block and cause fluid retention - puffiness
stress, ageing, pollution, flying and lack of stimulation can compromise the Lymphatic system, lymphatic flow can be blocked,it can detour, or cause swelling in the surrounding tissue
the lymphatic system is one of the most important systems 
the lymphatic system protects us from infection & disease
the lymphatic system maintains fluid balance & removes toxins from our bodies
the lymphatic system is unable to properly flow on its own - it's up to you to move the body