Venustus meditation kit

meditation with Venustus 

includes white sage, Venustus om facial water, palo santo, agate &  amethyst crystal 

smudging the home/office/room with sage - if there is tension in the air, if people around you are fractious or misaligned, if you've had a big night out or are feeling sluggish, unmotivated, stressed, irritable, flat or simply out of sorts & want to feel your best perfect self...  when burned, emit negative ions that absorb and neutralise these dust particles and restore balance and clarity by purifying the energy helping to maintain a sanctuary and stability

carefully unwrap your sage, pull apart a small branch and light, blow out the flame and carefully wave around, making sure not to drop any on anything flammable, or valuable ie clear the area first for safety.  When finished run under water to extinguish and let dry out for further use 

Om facial water is best described as a spirit leveller - to connect with spirit, yourself - now on a clear dry skin roll on your face & neck the Om facial water inhale the calming and balancing aromas

Palo Santo is a sacred tree, used for centuries by Shamans during ceremonies - creating a sacred, holy place - light your palo santo - let this flame for 30 seconds before blowing out, smudge in the same way - then rest this on your agate crystal so as not to burn any surface in your home

Amethyst is a "stone of spirituality & contentment"  It is also a "stone of meditation" being excellent in conducting the energy of calm and peacefulness.  Place this next to your bed & ask us about a perfect easy way to meditate

jeannie xxx