CONDITIONS OF ENTRY Beauty Therapy covid-safe plan

We are doing things slightly differently now, so here is what will happen when you come in for your appointment.

Our Venustus front door, will be locked when you arrive, then locked again after you enter, this is in alignment with our covid-safe rules & regulations to monitor one person per 4 square metres, including both staff & clients, up to maximum of 10 at any one time.

We have less staff in the space & adjusted the rosters, to keep within the rules & regulations.  Designated staff members, responsible ensuring staff & clients have appropriate physical distancing and that the space does not exceed the maximum capacity limit of 10. 

Clients enter, please take a seat, remove your shoes and leave these on our white towel in front of the seat,  place the feet covers on your feet, or leave your own socks on, before moving around within the space. Records of attendance on the business premises for all staff, clients and contractors – covid-safe regulations.

One person, per 4 square metres, including both staff and clients, up to a maximum of 10 clients at any one time.

To ensure good hand hygiene, hand washing facilities & sanitising spray are available in reception, every treatment room & bathroom.  Clients will be directed into the bathroom, if required & then into their treatment room, where you need to wash hands 20 seconds & spray sanitiser prior to your treatment. Your therapist will wash their hands for 20 seconds and then spray sanitiser prior to your treatment.

Measures to maximise distancing between staff where safe and practical, including assigning only one staff member to each treatment room, until further advised by covid-safe authorities. Due to covid-safe rules & regulations, these treatments, temporarily can not be offered: Six Hand Body Massage, Four Hand Body Massage, Two Therapists High Definition Bodywork.

A consultation form will be sent out, please fill in prior to your treatment, forms not filled in, in store during covid.   Also, closer to the date of your appointment, a Covid health agreement will be sent out, by text, to be completed prior to every treatment booked during this time.   If you have a symptom, like already advised by Health & Government, you need to go and get a test, even if you have the mildest symptom.  We will of course move your a fortnight/month ahead, knowing Beauty Therapy can not social distance.

If unwell prior to your treatment, please move your appointment, to the following fortnight/month ahead, or as far as you like.  Removal of ipads, books, magazines  from waiting areas to reduce the potential for infection of clients

Exclusion of staff and clients who are unwell, even if you have only mild symptoms, must not attend the space, Health Minister advised, elderly and people with underlying health issues should be particularly cautious, when and if visiting salons
Changed limited Seating in waiting areas, that complies with physical distancing.

All Staff

All staff wear their masks/face shields at all times
All staff in front of their client to wash their hands 20 seconds & sanitiser before and after every treatment
Disinfect all products, equipment before and after every use
Disinfect all surface areas before and after every treatment, including all touch points,
Disinfect bathroom before and after every use.

Re-opening Beauty Therapy on 1st June, 2020 (Closed from 26th March)   

Prior to returning to work all staff have had a covid-19 test & had a negative result, the space has been thoroughly cleaned, the air-conditioners all taken apart and cleaned, furniture spaced out, to keep within social distancing

Opening hours

Monday - Friday 10am -7pm

Saturday 9am -6pm

Sunday 10am - 5pm

 See you soon, love jeannie & the team