What is so special about Organic Rose Essential oil & what Venustus products is it in

Organic Rosa Damascena (Bulgarian Rose Essential Oil)

Obtained by steam distillation of the whole flowers, with the roses generally picked manually and to minimise loss of oil harvesting needs to be done between 5am - 10am as this is the period that the flowers are open and the oil content is highest. These must be quickly transported to the distillery before being distilled.  

Rose oil is produced by a two-stage distillation process.  It is a common practice to redistill the distilled water, a process known as cohobation.  The yield of cohobation oil is several times higher than that of the flowering material.  The oils from the two distillation are then blended.    

Rosewater is the aqueous portion of the steam distillation after rose oil has been removed.

Rosa Damascena (Bulgarian Rose) is an orange-yellow to brown-orange viscous liquid with a rich warm, spicy floral and very deep rose odour with a pronounced honey undertone.

Rose has been written about throughout history to such an extent,   In literature rose symbolises beauty, perfection love, immortality.  Rosa comes from the Greek word Red

NERVOUS SYSTEM - Rose oil has been assigned to the heart, referred to as a gentle but potent antidepressant.   It soothes feelings such as anger, fear & anxiety.  Comforts in times of sorrow, refreshes a sad heart & opens doors to love, friendship & empathy 

INTEGUMENTARY SYSTEM (SKIN) - An excellent softening, hydrating & stimulating properties.  Especially for mature, dry and sensitive skins.  Rose oil has a tonic and astringent effect on the capillaries and can be used for the treatment of broken capillaries, redness & inflammation of the skin   Rosewater also has soothing properties for the skin

ENERGY - Clearing and alleviating anxiety & depression   Rose represents gentleness of the female spirit  Rose is perfection personified.
love of self, love of another, communal love & universal love 
Rose can help heal emotional wounds, rejection of loss where you need help to self-love & nurturing, comforting and restoring trust that makes it possible to love again  

CHAKRA - Rose is the supreme oil of the heart chakra  
Also sacral chakra which is the centre of creativity 

PRODUCTS containing Organic Bulgarian Rose Essential oil
2020 supreme love + facial serum (rose, frankincense, myrrh)
Rose Elixir facial serum (only rose)
Trust Perfume (only rose)
Romance hydrosol, facial serum, moisturiser, mask (rose, jasmine, ylang ylang)