WINTER WELLNESS - Venustus Cold & Flu Fighters

Winter is a season that brings many comforting experiences to mind - hot drinks, hearty meals, cosy knitwear and nights in spent lazing by a fireplace.  Unfortunately for our bodies, Winter is also prime-time for catching common colds and the flu.  
As the temperature drops, we spend more time in artificially heated spaces with little ventilation. 
As a result, we become more susceptible to viruses and infection. 
Preventing influenza and other winter-borne lurgies can be quite the task in itself.  
Fortunately, our Venustus Cold & Flu products can help you become a wellness warrior in this cooler weather.
These three simple products are analgesic, antimicrobial, antiseptic, bactericide, natural immune boosters, created to prevent and treat Cold & Flu symptoms. Each derived from Organic Essential Oils such as Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Lemon and Peppermint, the Venustus Cold & Flu products are easy to use saviours when you’re feeling under the weather. 

Cold & Flu Salve 

- Inhale this immunostimulant by applying under your nose. 
- Massage onto your throat and upper chest to aid respiration.  
- This product is great for the entire family. 
*We recommend use on those 5 years and above. 

Cold & Flu Essential Oil 

trusty travel companion, sniff this oil in-flight to prevent airborne cold and flu germs.
- Add 3 drops to your favourite oil burner or diffuser to inhale the benefits of this organic blend.
- Topically, apply 1 drop to the soles of your feet for fast absorption.

Cold & Flu Atmospheric Room Mist

When those around you are coughing and spluttering, simply spray your home/room/desk to prevent the spread of infection. 
- Feeling under the weather but strapped for time? With eyes closed, gently mist the neck and chest and let the benefits sink in on your morning commute. *Not suitable for sensitive skin or children.
- To further relieve congested ares, we also recommend trying some self lymphatic drainage post misting.
Massage with a Rose Quartz Roller around the eyes and sinuses to reduce puffiness.

As organic, natural alternatives, these products are the perfect addition to your handbag, desk, car, carry-on, home etc and come highly recommended.
In addition to the above Cold & Flu preventions and treatments, we suggest hydration, heat packs, plenty of nutritious veggies, sleep and rest for best recovery.
Stay well this Winter, Shop the Cold & Flu range here