Extreme Sports Organic Body Serum 50mL

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an organic blend of vanilla , black pepper, ginger, clove bud, peppermint & spearmint peppermint, rosemary, suspended in organic jojoba oil 

test patch each product on a small area of skin, one per day, prior to use, wait 24 hours to ensure this product is suitable for you

CONTRA INDICATIONS - not for pregnancy, not for epilepsy, not for high blood pressure, not for kidney disorder, keep out of reach of children, do not ingest, not for children, this product has a warming and cooling feeling, not for sensitive skin, not for broken skin, dermatitis, avoid face, neck & eye areas, 

Jojoba Virgin Oil Organic (Simmondsia chinensis) France. Vanilla Extract Organic (Vanilla planifolia) Ginger Essential Oil Organic (Zingiber officinale) Sri Lanka. Black Pepper Essential Organic (Piper nigrum L.) Madagascar. Ginger Essential Oil Organic (Zingiber officinale) Sri Lanka. Menthol Liquid Essential Oil (Mentha Arvensis Herb Oil), Peppermint Essential Oil Organic (Mentha piperita). Spearmint Essential Oil Organic (Mentha spicata) India. Vitamin E Natural – 50% Mixed Tocopherols (Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil (Sunflower Oil), Contains a maximum of 50% tocopherols of which 10% is alpha tocopherol. gamma-Tocopherol, delta Tocopherol, D-alpha-Tocopherol, beta-Tocopherol).