Rudraksha & citrine necklace

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Rudraksha - 5 faced Mukhis, these are Rudraksha beads that we use, they are suitable for men, women & children to bring peace, balance & wellbeing.
Rudraksha change the karma of the wearer, leading one to the soul path of truth and purpose, assisting to make this journey quicker and easier.

They help release anxiety, and stress leading to a greater peace of mind, whilst offering protection throughout ones energy field from negativity, and removing blockages to ones path to success.

They bring a general well being to ones health, increasing intuition and, clarity.

Rudraksha charge the Soul with Shakti (spiritual power) increasing ones ability to connect with their higher consciousness, and deepening an understanding of ones Soul.

Citrine - A self cleansing stone that helps develop creativity, the ability to empower, manifest, and create abundance in all aspects of ones life. They are a stone of Happiness, and Joy. Relating to the Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras, they promote the flow of Chi (Life Force Energy) throughout the body.
When one is attuned to the life force energy, Citrine assists to draw that energy like a magnet, making a faster, simpler journey to ones purpose.
It protects ones Aura, and bring security and confidence.