Jasmine Organic facial balm

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a luxurious  jasmine balm, for maximum hydration, ideal for +45 dry skin in Australia  (thick solid base smelling of Jasmine flowers)  a skin booster with organic ingredients chosen & globally sourced for their regenerative & restructuring properties 

perfect for pre photo shoots, your skin will look & feel plump, dewy, hydrated    * perfect when you are medically dry, dry from within & great for a weekend away/ hospital stay or when you are beyond dry 

jasmine's aromatic flowers have been used since antiquity for personal adornment and in religious ceremonies.  Known as Queen of the Night, because the aroma is stronger during the hours of darkness.  The therapeutic value of this oil is inseparable from the exquisite, comforting sweetness of its aroma and the effect it has on the mind and emotions    energetically, jasmine can change our mood to optimism, known as "divine hope"

use morning and night, over a Venustus facial serum,  but wait the 10-15 mins for the serum to penetrate first