rose quartz roller

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it all started with our Crystal Cryotherapy Facial, which includes the jade roller used straight from our fridge.  This facial is all about getting the visual results immediately for 40+ & we are having success with this (feedback & visual results)


  • improve blood circulation & skin tone
  • promote lymphatic drainage
  • reduce puffiness & wrinkles
  • eliminate toxins
  • enhance benefits of serums
  • jet-setters post-flight performance (puffiness)

This tool is designed to use lightly, in lymphatic drainage movements , it is not a massage tool  & is not to be used with any pressure. The roller can be used both morning & night, depending when you have time & what your concerns are. The most important information regarding this is using serums underneath & following  the directions with a light pressure

After applying your facial & eye serum, take your rose quartz roller and glide over your face, neck & decolletage.


Start from centre of decolletage (upper chest) glide gently from centre out to underarm x 3 and then the other side
From behind the ear down to the base of the neck & out to the underarm x 3 (& other side)
From the temple area along side of face to under ear (& other side)
From centre of chin out to ear (& other side)
From the upper lip out to side of ear (& other side)
From side of nose out to side of face,  (& other side )
Switch over to small end of roller for above and below eyes always from centre of face out to the sides (& other side )
From centre of the forehead and out to sides x 3 then other side 
From temple, down side of face, down side of neck to underarm x 3