east coast facial + energetic healing 90mins

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Intended for those who are looking for more than just a facial, this holistic treatment helping to balance your energy using bespoke crystals and healing work.

This experience begins with words of gratitude to open the space. We smudge sage and light Palo Santo to clear energy and evoke a sense of sacredness. Starting with a scalp massage and neck towel stretches, the East Coast Facial utilises our organic skincare products, including a custom line-up of exfoliants, peels, serums and creams. Your therapist will perform a long massage of the face, neck, decolletage, arms and hands before applying our warming mask. You will then be treated to hot towels to cocoon your whole body.

Throughout, we use numerous techniques to ‘read’ your body. A crystal pendulum is used to scan chakras, and sound and singing bowls ‘tune into’ your energy. We unwrap your arms and hands and place a crystal grid on your body to restore harmony. Worried you might be distracted? During the treatment, we softly wrap your eyes and scalp, encouraging you to turn inward so that you’re able to drift away.

Energy work may reduce stress, anxiety and anger, stimulate the immune system, and generate deep relaxation and even pain relief. These modalities are believed to support a heightened state of consciousness inspired by an increase in emotional clarity. Perfect for those seeking lightness, stillness or breathing space, this treatment encourages a true reconnection with self to nurture your overall wellbeing.


Treatment length: 90 mins