horoscope perfumes

star signs, designed *to help you", with what's going on in your life right now... 

aries, the CEO  power, the innovators, an unwavering ability to take it all on, you lead, you dream, you dream really big, you will leave your mark on the world 

taurus, loyal and warm, plus an excellent judge of character, inner work is needed this year - an awareness of you, your motivation & purpose, look within for answers 

gemini, connects with everyone, social & great to be around, your words form real bonds, connecting you with yours, inner honestly is required for continued growth, 

cancer the exquisite one, who cares so deeply, feeling, nurturing and operating at a unique vibrational frequency, boundaries always & let those in you love, remember vulnerability is your greatest gift, 

leo  proud & regal, the defender & protector of all in their tribe, whether introvert or extrovert,  generous to everyone & will always give you the benefit of the doubt, so make sure you give it to them, its the  time to find your inner power, inner light & share. 

virgo are the pure, intellectual, perfectionists with a high moral code,  who make things better - this year is to find the magic in life, being spontaneous, can create great stories & learning   

libra, who gracefully keep the justice & peace, being diplomatic, elegant, respectful & open - time to ask help from others, they can do what's required, trust the right ones & find out who they are   

scorpio you are the most perceptive person in the room, you are going to want these people, who are not afraid to go deeper, darker, who will not run away "the brave" - its time to act now, use what you have, choose to trust yourself & remember your power is for good. 

sagittaurus  the wandering seeker, eternally optimistic & enthusiastic with an inability to sit still, a flight risk.  You bore easily, but others will never be bored by you - embrace your new perspective, there is so much room for growth, in what you feel is, in the limited space. 

capricorn who are the innovators, with an exceptional work ethic, you are formidable - make time to let people in, connection & being vulnerable is more important, to love & to be loved is the ultimate for you 

aquarius the independent cool kids, the inventors & rebels who do not want to be owned, freedom is key - time to share your ideas with the world, to push to your greatest potential, your strength is essential and only listen to you.   

pisces the intuitive, artistic, empathetic dreamers who understand everyone, but few understand you  - use your imagination for greater good & explain to others in a way they will understand you - your life is joyous