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Creative. Adaptable. Intuitive. Honest. Empathetic. Mystical. Compassionate. Sensitive. Generous. Deeply Emotional. Spiritual. Escapists. Lovers. Healers. Full time dreamers. 
Pisces feel what others cannot see. 
They’re energetic sponges that empathise with everyone and everything.
Instinctively, they sense when others need support and willingly lend their hands.
However, their generosity and people-pleasing ways can be to their detriment as they lack strength in setting boundaries.
Artistic, adaptable and incredibly indecisive.
Always wanting to do right, Pisces have an agonising fear of making the wrong move.
They enjoy getting to know people on a deeper level and prefer quality over quantity when it comes to friendships.
If you don’t let a Pisces below the surface, they’ll bore easily and drift on.
Pisces are hopeless romantics with big and open hearts.
They are unconditional lovers, not fighters. 
This dreamy essential oil blend encompasses the many wonderful traits of a Pisces.

Treat yourself or the Pisces in your life.