the cocoon massage (time options)

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 t h e    c o c o o n    m a s s a g e 
A fusion of our facial massage & body massage (massage of the body & face).  Inventiveness, we've spent our entire careers crafting our skills, designing & gathering resources and concepts from international artisans, experts and innovators who are like-minded, living on the cutting edge of their craft.  While we cocoon humanity, our elite artisans work their magic on you. Ideal for our Business owners & those running businesses, anyone under pressure.
the cocoon massage 75mins, scalp massage, hot/cold towels, neck towel stretches, a massage of the face & neck.  We softly wrap your face with our healing words immersed in the cloth & encourage you to turn inward for healing & evolving...  massage the neck, scm, & trapezius muscles, including our ever evolving Venustus iconic massage movements, down the arms and hands, + a stomach digestive massage, leg massage and to finish you will enjoy a long, deep massage over the back of the body
The fabric you view in images here, words are written all over it, intentions, mantras - good vibes for you, this stays with you throughout this treatment, energetically healing.  You can have your face wrapped or not, whatever feels right for you  
experience our cocoon
restore you inner peace,
return to a state of equilibrium
stillness & a breathing space
the cocoon massage extended 2 hr version, a full facial is included and once you experience our facial work you will feel & see it is just as incredible as our bodywork.  Our Venustus team have had decades of Venustus training, qualified in beauty therapies, massage therapies and healing therapies.  Each morning we perform a smudging ceremony, including sage, palo santo, incense, sound bowls, singing bowls, Tibetan symbols, whilst calling in all the wise women, the light workers, the magic makers, the priestesses & the white witches, which is all the loving energy we can source for your wellbeing (all good vibes only).

a belief in our future 
well thought out skincare 
the comfort of our reputation