Haruko Spiritual Cleansing

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Haruko requested spiritual cleansing, a mood enhancer, re-set, begin again, uplifting

You can spray this mist, anytime you feel overwhelmed, anxious or the need to reset, as many times in the day as needed, on clean skin/over makeup - anytime

Haruko sparkles and is full of life, like a breath of fresh air, positively wonderful to have around, not too bothered by the struggles and strains of living, able to take everything quite calmly and radiates with energy.

energetically lemon is "high vibration", it  can lift the spirits and overcome mental fatigue.  Lemon clears the mind very effectively and said to assist in the decision making process without over-stimulating the mind.  Calming for those who are emotionally overwrought.  Lemon oil can help to open the heart