Antidote Organic Roll On (roll on wrinkle travel serum) for your 40's & 50's

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a super active roll on serum, every ingredient selected for tissue regeneration (roll on the wrinkle) regenerative, restructuring (those who don't love serums all over)

vital in smoothing of cell ageing, plumping surface cells (serums are deep reaching)

for those of you on the go - performing your entire skincare routine inflight/on route/on board no matter where you are you can use this

ETA - estimated time of arrival - ideal when flying, apply every 3 hours to prevent dehydration

fresh beauty batch - use morning and night until finished on clean, dry skin, wait 5mins, then apply antidote facial moisturiser morning & night  

great for those who don't particularly like a serum all over the face (results driven)

organic palmarosa, neroli, frankincense & rose otto