travel to far away lands...

small enough to fit them all in, a time to just breathe

the aromas you use, will forever remind you of this place...

antidote facial serum, containing every ingredient for softening facial lines

god bless, sleep enhancer, so you can from day one sleep a minimum of 8hrs

muscle melting, pain relief, to add to your neck, shoulder, anywhere you have pain

spot formula to apply to any potential spots you can feel coming or are there

oleum eye serum, to treat and prevent lines around the eye & can remove makeup

sos emergency calming and move out of stress and into calm

mr & mrs, mr, mrs, when it's your honeymoon, romantic holiday

summer facial & hair mist, this aroma is when a roll on is never enough 

rose quartz roller, if you get fluid retention when flying use cold over serums

cold & flu, when your immune system is low and you feel exhausted to prevent