+add on Treatments - Gua Sha Facial massage/Cellulite Eliminator Wrap/Stomach Digestive Treatment/Feet Reflexology/Reiki Healing/Scalp Massage Treatment

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30mins add on

An excellent add on to any treatment or treatment packages on our menu, these massages and masks allow us to target specific areas that may be giving you stress or discomfort in your life - allowing you to uniquely tailor your treatments for better healing experience. Also available as individual treatments if a little pick me up is all you need, choose from the following:

*Gua Sha facial treatment, relieve fluid retention & sculpt the facial muscles

*Cellulite Eliminator (ginger, ginko, guarana wrapped in a foil) wear this gel home

*Stomach digestive massage treatment- adds digestion, alleviates fluid retention and reduces bloating

*Reflexology foot massage treatment - pressure points to release any tension in the body

*Scalp massage treatment(without oils or with oils)

*Reiki Healing treatment

*Modelling mask (because you already peel & exfoliate at home)