2020 absorb & breathe 2hrs

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2020 absorb & breathe,

is a treatment package, considering all the systems of the body, impacted, incorporating both facial and massage with our Venustus Private label 

With  Venustus elite artisans, we are considering all the systems of the body for this package & how during 2020, using techniques & ingredients, we can assist you 
respiratory, lymphatic, nervous, immune & integumentary systems

breathe is respecting the respiratory system, extensive research & clinical trials in aromatherapy  + focus on the slow breath, with our help & techniques

absorb organic active ingredients into the skin, the integumentary system, is one of the ways in, to assist and do their magic on you

detox the body by activating and stimulating the lymphatic system to eliminate all the toxins possibly inhaled and take into the body

protect with antimicrobial, antiseptic, bactericide properties in our Venustus Private Label blends, can help to build and boost your immune system,

heal the nervous system, the body's control centre and communication network. 

absorb - integumentary system (skin)       breath - respiratory system

detox - lymphatic system                             protect - immune system

Energetically, physically & visually, this package is to assist these four systems of the body, because of our forever changed world, these systems need our attention  Package includes face & body

Respecting the respiratory system, extensive research & clinical trials in aromatherapy + focus on the slow breath.  Inhaling active organic ingredients can impact the brain in 3 seconds (for me, I can remember the smell of jasmine flowers in the summer, reminding me of blissful summer holidays - limbic part of the brain, a memory within an aroma).  Absorption of active organic ingredients with help of the Integumentary system (the skin - the largest organ of the body) within 24hrs, to assist with these systems.  Activating your lymphatic system to do its job, to eliminate all the toxins you inhale and take into your body.   Build and boost your immune system with active organic ingredients