perfumes, fragrance & inspiration

Working with ancient holistic therapies & knowing each organic ingredient from the earth has an energy, we can create whatever is needed, for you.  It was in Paris where I fell in love with aromatherapy ingredients, so many incredible established fragrance houses, and so began my love of aromatherapy.  This is where I learnt the difference between man-made ingredients & ingredients sourced from nature (ethically) 

Organic perfumes are so different to regular perfumes, not as strong, not as lasting, but they are organic, they are from nature, made from mother earth, not in a lab

lumiere & nuit, listening to the collective energy of women, asking their needs & wants.  During the day, wanting to feel focused, with a clear direction looking ahead & for the evening they want to connect with their feminine energy of woman, lover, mother, all knowing, mysterious, Venustus private label (two beautiful perfumes)  lumiere & nuit is a different kind of layering - authentic & innovative

Trust organic roses, there is nothing like it, nature at its' best, energetically rose is love of self, love of another, communal love, universal love  Required when there is grief, or love lost, because trust is needed, to love again  Always keep  your heart open Organic Bulgarian Rose 

ethereal for those beginning or already on a spiritual journey, this is to help you stay on your path, a truth seeker into yourself about you, knowing it is not about blaming others, remaining the eternal optimist & with these, you can have hold of the future

Temple  there are many times we need hope, when hope is lost, when hope is needed "divine hope" exquisite jasmine, because there are many times in our lives and the lives of our loved ones, that can be bigger than us 

Water based perfumes with organic essential oil blends, they smell like the real thing, because they are.  We also have a horoscope collection.