perfumes - a story behind them

Venustus work with ancient holistic therapies & knowing each organic ingredient from the earth has an energy, we can create whatever is needed by you - for you

create & inspire - requested by an incredible Fashion & Beauty Editor, RUSSH, Billie Iveson, to instantly bring in creativity & inspiration "for the creators of this world".   ethereal for those on a spiritual journey, ethereal can help you stay on your path, you are the truth seeker, the eternal optimist & one who holds hope...   god bless - for those who really need to sleep more & it is affecting all the ohter areas in your life now, so spray your pillow, sheets & pjs, an hour before bed then cocoon into the lavender zone  Zzz    lumiere & nuit, listening to the collective energy of women, asking their needs & wants., eg day they want to feel focused, with a clear direction looking ahead & keep all the balls in the air,   evening they want to connect with their feminine energy of  lover, mother, sensual, all knowing, mysterious - lumiere & nuit is a different kind of layering and it works!    mr.  he is the one you've been waiting for, all this time & you knew the moment you met him.  mrs.  the girl of your dreams, the love of your life         mr & mrs  you are meant for each other, soul mates   Promise - when a promise is made, your word is given, to be there for someone, your true friend, partner, lover...    s.o.s. when it feels like & is an emergency, all day long,  roll on & let it melt away, use as often as required, every hour, all day long   Temple  when hope is needed "divine hope" exquisite jasmine, because there are many times in our lives, the lives of our loved ones,  when hope is needed.  Trust for love of self, love of another, communal love, universal love & love lost when trust is needed once again - organic bulgarian rose