lumiere & nuit (layering perfumes)

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listening to & feeling the collective energy of my clients I then create precious organic aromatherapy perfumes to enhance their soul, spirit & being...

lumiere & nuit are designed to layer -lumiere at first light - early morning & then later in the day/early evening layer nuit perfume over lumiere - two different perfumes  (designed in a way where the lumiere is worn alone for approx 8 hours, nuit, then layered over the top before going out/going home taking us to feminine energy lover, mother...

*perfect for all those drawn to Venustus:- the famous, the influencers, the stylists, the producers, the editors, the ceo's, the musicians, the actresses, the artists, the intellectuals, the creatives & all those on a spiritual path

lumiere ~ ageless, confident, definitely able to get the work done, spiritual ease with an inner strength & wisdom, yet energetically forever young

nuit ~ mysterious (sensually feminine) with emotional depth & dignity, an inner tranquility, intuitive, lover, mother, with an understanding of the universe & a confidence that can be unnerving

While I was formulating this particular collection, I was also inspired by the french women who visit Venustus - they all seemed to visit Venustus that week.  They shared their sparkle and way of life, which made me feel it was exactly right...

Working with organic ingredients allows the products to have clean clear therapeutic & energetic properties  which gives us so much more value

love jeannie xxxx