air time perfume + refill

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There’s a reason perfume is a go-to present - it expresses to the recipient that you’ve taken care to select something personal that they’ll love. And it’s that sense of mindfulness we’re cultivating in our gift-giving this year. At Venustus, our take on perfume elevates the experience even further. We custom blend organic essential oils in a water base to create evocative scents that double as carry-with-you mood enhancers.

If you’re not yet familiar, organic perfumes differ from regular perfumes in a few ways. Mainly, they are made from ethically sourced, natural ingredients and are designed to be reapplied throughout the day. We use the principles of aromatherapy in our product development, harnessing the energy of natural ingredients to enhance your state of mind. Our fragrances don’t just smell good, they can also help to shift your energy.

 air time perfume + refill  is perfect for calming the mind and softening the body, this combo of organic geranium and lavender is the ultimate in self-nourishment. Both ingredients harness a nurturing, mothering energy that allows the recipient to reconnect with their intuition. They’ll breathe, inhale & exhale slowly & longer, breathing in & breathing out