air time facial mist

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launched with our latest Sculpt & Define Lymphatic Facial (water hydration)

2020 skincare rituals - on a clean skin organic mist for water hydration, followed immediately with an organic facial serum & eye serum, with a wait time of 10-15mins then facial moisturiser, makeup, sunbloc. 

designed when anxiety & feeling overwhelmed can feel like part of our new now, close your eyes, mist the face, inhale & exhale three times, calm the mind and check your body is feeling relaxed, ease irritability & frustration (run through in your mind, I am grateful for or check out my blog on this)  for anyone living in this time with no end date active ingredients organic geranium, energetically described as mothering, nurturing and comforting & organic lavender, energetically calming and relaxing qualities can help us reach deeper states of meditation, prayer & spirituality