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Inventive. Independent. Unpredictable. Idealistic. Rebellious. Exciting. Eccentric. Progressive. Strong willed. Deep thinkers. Problem solvers. Visionaries. Influential spirits.

Aquarians strongly value personal freedom. Both timid and quiet yet eccentric and energetic, they simultaneously crave and despise social interaction.

As intellectual conversationalists and great listeners, Aquarians are easily bored without mental stimulation.

Alone time however, helps to restore their power. Rebels with a cause, Aquarians are passion-fuelled. They’re influential, known to fight for what they believe in and love to help others.

As imaginative, forward-thinkers, Aquarians are often ahead of the game. They believe in change, progress and new beginnings. Limitations are loathed - good luck holding an Aquarius back!

This essential oil blend encompasses the many wonderful traits of an Aquarius.

Treat yourself or the Aquarius in your life.