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you lead, you dream, you dream really big, you will leave your mark on the world

more power + dream bigger for 2018 - a gift for yourself or an aries

innovative, unwavering ability, you can leave your mark on the world

horoscope blends starting with aries.   With a year ahead, where you can dream even bigger than before, being more powerful than ever...

organic aromatherapy blends have energetic properties  the organic essential oil blends chosen for this blend are 

sandalwood - serene & in charge of your emotions, fully aware of your direction in life.  neroli - brings you in touch with your higher self  cedarwood - power, strength, grounding - tower of strength, able to instil confidence & security in others  lemon - positive approach + unshakeable confidence & able to begin again  rosemary - clear thought, who love and can rise to the challenge  clary sage - dream more - useful for creative work

essential oil precautions - not for pregnancy, epilepsy, high blood pressure, broken skin