your greatest gift is your vunerability (it is so rare, hold on to this)

sometimes retreating for survival has been essential

you are the most feeling, protective, maternal & emotionally caring,you love a challenge & set high standards for yourself

its time to put you first, nurture you & put your needs before everything - let those that really love you - in.

youthful, sincere, superhuman,

a strength & equilibrium has no equal in love, justice and light 

organic essential oil ingredients *cinnamon leaf, *geranium has a mothering energy, a person who is always taking care & has concern for others, geranium can enhance this and make it easy, you create a sense of security & stability, wherever you go.  you have the ability to wash away the tension of the day  *sandalwood is all about those who are on a journey of spiritual development, assists your ability to stay serene & in charge of your emotions, fully aware of your direction in life  sandalwood allows connection & can quieten mental chatter at the end of the day, an ideal remedy in this busy fast life, *rosemary, young at heart, you have found the elixir of youth.  Imaginative, happy sensitive people with determination.  You love security & aim to be in a secure position in love and life because it's within a secure environment that you can express yourself fully  Like you cancer,  rosemary operates at a vibrational frequency, at an astonishing level  *lavender also mothering energy for you, tireless, always even tempered with unfailing gentleness & devotion

organic essential oils include cinnamon leaf, geranium, lavender, sandalwood & rosemary