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CAPRICORN ~ Wise. Grounded. Reliable. Consistent. Ambitious. Assertive. Attentive. Methodical. Dedicated. Affectionate. Practical. Resourceful. Trustworthy. Big thinkers. Hard workers. People of action.

Just like a mountain goat, Capricorns climb high.

They are quiet achievers that scale the heights of success no matter how rocky the path.

As resilience and discipline are second nature to Capricorns, they have an incredible capacity to withstand life's set backs.

Ambition aside, ‘Caution’ is their middle name. Always willing to do things properly and at their own pace, there’s no cutting corners with a Cap. They are sensible, meticulous and calculated.

Often very self-critical, a Capricorns happiness can be hindered by lack of confidence.
It can take them a while to warm up around others but despite their initial reservations, Caps are always willing to help where needed.

As an Earth sign, Capricorns are very grounded. They are practical, trustworthy and affectionate.

This grounding essential oil blend encompasses the many wonderful traits of a Capricorn.

Treat yourself or a Capricorn in your life.