cellular regeneration organic moisturiser

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elevated skincare designed for 50+ skins with the focus on super hydration & firming, smoothing out facial lines & wrinkles, slowing down your ageing process + plumping surface cells, due to dryness & dehydration 

organic carrier oils contain high levels of Vitamin A, B and rich in E, valuable as a facial serum, recommended because of their ability to penetrate the epidermis & interesting restructuring properties on the skin, Can assist in preventing dehydration, dryness & sensitivity due to dryness, have shown essential nutrients help in the issue of tissue regeneration & skin texture   Clinical trials carried out on rose hip oil (our Organic carrier oil in this blend) have shown essential nutrients help in the issue of tissue regeneration & skin texture, smoothing out facial lines & wrinkles, slowing down the ageing process

Venustus design organic facial serums to use both morning and night, after a facial mist, then wait 10-15mins for absorption, after wait time,  apply facial moisturiser

Organic essential oils of frankincense, neroli, ylang ylang, geranium + organic carrot extract, can assist with rejuvenating effects on the skin and stimulate the cell renewal rate,  Described as the strongest revitalising essential oils, for dull, lifeless, tired skin from environmental stress.

Energetically uplifts the spirit and brings you back in touch with your best self,  enhancing creativity.  Mothering, comforting and nurturing can help to wash away tension of the day. 

we are all about pro ageing, women & men comfortable in their own skin, the mentors, advisors of today, required, needed and are essentially important 

the order of Venustus skincare, exfoliating, remove with a warm flannel, mist the skin for water hydration, serums for oil hydration, deeper work (investment) & a wait time of 10-15mins (jade roller from the fridge, meditate, food) apply facial moisturiser, sunbloc and/or makeup

for 50+ this can make us look better than we thought we could - its all about prevention, luxurious moisturiser with active ingredients, designed to go over the cellular regenerative facial serum  (intense)

for those of you who are fabulous & have a fantastic time this has been designed for you

we are all about pro ageing, ie., we are now the mentors and advisors with the experience - required, needed, essential & important today

First apply the facial serum morning & night to a clean dry skin - wait 10  mins the apply this Venustus cellular regenerative moisturiser  on top

Organic carrot extract, frankincense, neroli essential oils