Essential regeneration facial moisturiser 50ml

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elevated skincare considering the visual skin, mind, body & spirit of the person.  designed for 40+ feeling dry, dehydrated, sensitive due to dryness, can bring some instant hydration relief with our plumping serum

organic carrier oils of apricot kernel, rose hip & hazelnut with their high levels of Vitamin A, B and rich in E, valuable as a facial serum, recommended because of its ability to penetrate the epidermis & interesting restructuring properties on the skin, Can assist in preventing dehydration, dryness & sensitivity due to dryness, smoothing facial lines, slowing down skin ageing process, moisturising and hydrating

Organic neroli, ylang ylang, geranium, frankincense, carrot extract essential oils have a rejuvenating effect on the skin and can help to stimulate the growth of new healthy cells.  Soften and balance with skin + can help balancing sebum production (preventing breakouts)

Energetically uplifts the spirit and brings you back in touch with your best self,  enhancing creativity.  Mothering, comforting and nurturing can help to wash away tension of the day. 

Best way to use your skincare, exfoliate/cleanse your skin. remove with wet warm face washer, mist, facial serums, (wait 10-15mins - jade roller/meditate/breakfast) then apply your Essential elements facial moisturiser, make-up/sunbloc