High Definition LYMPHATIC Bodywork 75mins (options)

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Your go-to for body contouring, this experience is grounded in highly effective lymphatic techniques. Expect instant visual results with long term benefits.  The results-led treatment involving vigorous movements to increase circulation & the lymphatic system. It works by stimulating the lymph to encourage the elimination of water and toxins. The most re-booked massage of all time.

High Definition Bodywork is designed to activate the lymphatic system. We use various tools and techniques to stimulate the skin and lymph nodes which can help shift stagnant fluid and toxins. (This action supports the body to eliminate these via its own natural processes). We use vigorous massage to help with contour, which can increase blood circulation and help to support fat metabolism.

The treatment may also offer longer-term benefits including; stimulating and activating the lymphatic system (an often overlooked and undervalued system!), facilitating elimination, with clients commenting that they noticed reduced inflammation, minimising the appearance of cellulite and increasing blood flow to, and metabolism in, the areas being massaged.


Contra indications 

meaning you can not have this massage if you have any of these conditions listed here:-  cancer, remission of cancer, we need an authorisation from your doctor,   heart disease, kidney disease, liver disease, history of, or current deep vein thrombosis (DVT), history of blood clots, any infection, virus, high temperature, any illness currently, infection, pregnancy & first trimester of pregnancy, for post partum women, this treatment is advised after your six week doctors check (please get an ok from your doctor before this vigorous massage). 

However, during pregnancy after the first trimester, you can book for a Pre-natal body massage 90mins & we can include some lymphatic component (make a note on the booking so we have the room set-up correctly for pregnancy.

Caution - this treatment can in some cases cause bruising, especially those who are prone to bruising, lacking in vitamin c, or bruise easily.