Meditation Oil Facial Serum 25mL

Meditation Oil Facial Serum 25mL


men love this skincare range & its one of my favourites because it contains frankincense & sandalwood

fresh local produce - personal approach to skincare with a grounding and meditative energy

deep reaching serums can assist with smoothing out facial lines, preventing the ageing process & plumping every cell on your face  it's an ideal tissue regenerative (wrinkles) & balancing sebum to prevent breakouts, relieving inflammation.

if you are concerned about breaking out when you use skincare which focuses on preventing ageing this is the range for you

Organic sandalwood, frankincense, ylang ylang, elemi, bergamot, cardamon, cypress,
cinnamon, lemongrass, essential oils. Ideal for Men - Woody Aroma

the ultimate is to use a serum on a clean dry skin morning and night, then wait 5 mins before applying the facial moisturiser 

Works well with: Calm Direction Water Perfume, Calm Direction body polish