om massage treatment 90mins

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I would describe this 90 minute massage of the body & face as a  "spirit leveller" & our clients have described it to me as - "when you holiday overseas at a 5 star resort & visit the 5 star spa, have the best treatment there - it feels like this, Om massage - massage therapies and energy work"

A more profound experience with insightful energy work.  Esoterically, intuitively & organically the treatment & blends focus on the vibrational frequency, slowing down the body & nervous system - calming the mind & creating a positive vibration in you  The ritual - om chanting (Tibetan monks), singing bowl (ancient sound vibration - to restore out-of-harmony parts of the body, mind & spirit), palo santo - a sacred wood used by shamans in ritual prayer for centuries, traditional shiatsu, reflexology, hot crystal rocks on any painful areas, remedial massage of the back & back of legs, for the neck - trigger point massage, hot & cold rock & famous neck stretch  Scalp massage, facial shiatsu, om massage blends on the face (both water & serum), crystals placed on the chakras, hawaiian & hot rock for the front of the body, buddist cymbals to finish