Blessed Organic Essential Oil 5mL

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5mL - 29g 

blessed is for pre-natal (after the first trimester 12 weeks)

offers a pregnant pause for a family on fast-forward, designed for use after the first trimester of pregnancy 

mums in need of extra TLC, recommended use after the first trimester, when sleepless nights, late night feeds, constant pop-ins from excited loved ones and minimal "me" time can leave everyone feeling frazzled  

Active Ingredients Organic Mandarin essential oil, Neroli essential oil.

PRECAUTION  *do not ingest *keep out of reach of children *do not apply directly to the skin,  *do not add to bath *store in a dark cool place, *shake bottle before use  *check expiry date *use only 2-3 drops in your burner/diffuser (more is not better)

RECOMMENDED USE add 1-2 drops to a diffuser/burnter)do not leave candles unattended and read precautions