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SAGITTARIUS ~ Optimistic. Independent. Witty. Intuitive. Strong-willed. Candid. Ambitious. Creative. Inquisitive. Honest. Forward thinkers. Restless souls. Freedom seekers.

As The Archer of the Zodiac, Sagittarius points and shoots for the stars.

Naturally ambitious, Sagittarians never turn down a challenge. They dream big and play to their strengths.

Forward-thinking Sag’s are forever looking to broaden their horizon.

They’re free-spirited and easily restless. When things get too comfortable or controlled, they’ll quickly take flight.

Sags' don’t sugar coat, there’s no tip-toeing around their truth. They can be direct and are quick to confront conflict head-on, because why waste time?

They are intuitive and great judges of character. Quick-witted and masters of sarcasm.

Eternally optimistic, enthusiastic and adventurous, Sagittarians are the friends you want to keep.

This essential oil blend encompasses the many wonderful traits of a Sag.

Treat yourself or the Sagittarius in your life.