jasmine balm exfoliant

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helpful tissue regenerative can help speed up removal of old skin cells & stimulate the growth of new cells, with your skin left feeling and looking plump, dewy and hydrated.  booster product for pre-video, pre-party

Jasmine balm exfoliant, (this is thick) use in the morning, this product is usually kept for those clients who are in hospital with medically dry skin.  You will need this to achieve instant glowing results. Before removing this with a warm wet face washer, move the product from your face to the back of your over-washed hands  Remove all with a warm wet face washer   Your skin looks facial fab, but don't stop there!    Jasmine (Jasminum grandiflorum) known ideally for dry and irritated skin. Energetically it is all about "divine hope" one of the most effective essential oils for anxiety, it can be helpful in enhancing self-confidence   Being in a thick balm of organic bees wax & shea butter it hydrates while it exfoliates, quite unique